Beloryan & Manukyan LLP co-founding partner Ashot Manukyan specializes in the development and management of all personal injury cases. Mr. Manukyan’s aptitude for quick thinking and excellent communication skills has earned him the reputation of trustworthiness beyond compare. Mr. Manukyan’s personal attention and dedication to his clients has delivered incredible results.

As an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Mr. Manukyan has amassed a large network among colleagues in the legal field, among healthcare professionals, and among the local community.

Mr. Manukyan began practicing law as a solo practitioner, in a wide range of matters – from criminal law, personal injury, to contract disputes. After a few years, Mr. Manukyan and Mr. Beloryan decided to come together to form Beloryan & Manukyan LLP in 2016.  

Mr. Manukyan graduated Cal-State Northridge with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, after which he pursued his passion for the law at Southwestern Law School. Mr. Manukyan was admitted to the practice in December 2012.