Beloryan & Manukyan LLP founding partner Haik Beloryan specializes in complex litigation of major personal injury cases. As an experienced and highly sophisticated Los Angeles personal injury attorney, he has represented thousands in a wide range of matters – from catastrophic personal injuries to wrongful death to abuse and neglect of the elderly. Mr. Beloryan’s excellent negotiating skills has earned him the reputation of being one of the most successful negotiators in the legal community, among colleagues, insurance companies, and mediators alike. Mr. Beloryan has single-handedly recovered over $100 million for his clients over the years.

Mr. Beloryan developed a passion of the law at a young age. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Cal-State University, Northridge, he was admitted into the SCALE program at Southwestern Law School in 2007.  After successfully passing the California state bar exam, Mr. Beloryan was admitted to practice law in December 2009, becoming one of the youngest persons to practice law at the age of twenty-four.