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The Water Pipes Burst – Now What?

Find A Lancaster Pipe Burst Attorney

If you have had a pipe burst in your home, or business, you could be facing significant water damage and related property losses. As such, it is critical that you secure the compensation to which you are entitled under your insurance policy. Our attorneys at Arvest Law can help.

Most policyholders do not realize that their insurers are not “on their side” with respect to a claim payout. Though advertising campaigns paint insurers as reliable allies, the truth is sadly different. Unfortunately, insurers routinely deny otherwise legitimate pipe burst claims, offer inadequate payouts, excessively delay the processing of such claims and engage in various other tactics that do not coincide with the interests of policyholders. In order to successfully recover compensation for a pipe burst claim, it may be necessary to bring an action against the insurer under California Law.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you enter your home or business only to find a large gaping hole in one of the plumbing pipes. It is sure to leave your house in a watery mess. Burst pipes are potentially a result of clustered water pressure. Lack of insulation can lead to such irreplaceable problems. You might spend months in looking for the right contractor to make the amends. Your insurance company might advise you some names who you can eventually contact in order to get the burst pipes rectified and corrected. It is essential to contact a burst pipes insurance claims attorney in Lancaster if you are denied your actual insurance rights. At Arvest Law, our team of learned and experienced staff will assist you in rightfully dealing with your case.

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